Treadmark is a most valuable tool in managing footwear evidence. It provides for your organization a central database of footmarks left at crime scenes, and images of footwear taken from prisoners. The database is accessible to all those who have an interest in footwear evidence from their own personal computer.

Calibrated images of footmarks can easily be entered by crime scene investigators. Custody officers have an easy means of taking images of the soles of the shoes taken from suspects. Footwear expert examiners can process the images – identifying the pattern code, marking up damage and searching the database to make scene to scene and scene to suspect links. Using the Treadmark interface these links are added to a ‘Crime Series’ which in turn form the basis of valuable intelligence reports.

The Treadmark system is developed and marketed by CSI Equipment Ltd and is available here on a free trial basis. Please register your organization. Once registered you will be able to download the Treadmark software and connect to your own area in the online Treadmark database. The trial license is for 3 months. The one who registers automatically becomes the Treadmark system administrator and can add more users and manage their permissions. The free license only allows for 2 ‘power users’ – those able to process images and search the database. There is no limit to the number of other users of the system such as custody officers and crime scene investigators who use the system to add images and data.

After your free license expires you can obtain a full license and continue to use the on-line database or have a database installed on your own organization’s internal computer network.