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Scotland Yard Using Cutting-Edge Footwear Database Technology

Shoe dunnit: Burglars being nabbed by new forensic evidence found in their footprints by MIRROR.CO.UK (the online edition of The Daily Mirror, Britain's brightest tabloid newspaper)

The Daily Mirror reported on a law enforcement program implemented by the Metropolitan Police Service (aka Scotland Yard) to capture test impressions from suspects' footwear, similar to the routine collection of fingerprints and DNA. This program utilizes technology that rapidly acquires the suspect's footwear and searches it against a database of crime scene footwear impressions. Based on the success of this program, Scotland Yard received a the Home Office grant of £300,000 to expand the scope of this program.

Study on the Range of Conclusions Developed by SWGTREAD for Reporting the Results of Footwear Impression Evidence Comparisons

Ian St-Laurent, a Forensic Identification Technician at the Montreal Police Department in Canada, is conducting a research project in relation to the Range of Conclusions Standard for Footwear and Tire Impression Examinations document published by SWGTREAD in March 2013. In order to complete his research, Ian needs more participants. For this reason, he reached out to SWGTREAD in order to help him spread the word and recruit additional research participants.


Geographical Variation of Shoeprint Comparison Class Correspondences

I. Benedict, et al., Geographical variation of shoeprint comparison class correspondences, Sci. Justice (2014),


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